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Security Intelligence News

  1. Life in America's top domestic intelligence service is not quite like the movies — just ask Special Agent George Bokelberg, who had never fired a gun before he signed up looking for an adventure.

  2. Christopher Pyne's Twitter account 'liked' a pornographic tweet last night, but Australia only found out because of the work of one bot with a mission to track politicians' Twitter use.

  3. A memory stick containing confidential security information about Heathrow Airport, including the measures used to protect the Queen, is discovered on a London street.

  4. A 1,000-page manual on future security arrangements for Parliament House has been lost by a contractor, but the Department of Parliamentary Services argues the building's safety has not been compromised.

  5. A New Zealand politician linked to a Chinese military spy school once worked for a powerful Australian parliamentary committee, documents obtained under freedom of information show.